How To Set Up A New Tour Listing

How To Set Up A New Tour Listing

Tour Listings are found under the “My Listings” tab in the menu bar. If a sales rep has created your first tour for you, you will find it here.

To create a new tour listing, you can either click on “create tour” to create a new listing in the menu bar, or click the purple “create tour” button from the “my listings" view.

This will take you to a page to enter your property listing details. Items with an asterik are required to set up a new listings, additional details can be entered now or later.  

Next, upload your photos by dragging and dropping them to the upload photos box. After they have been uploaded, make sure any images you want featured are pinned, and click and drag your images to rearrange them into your preferred order of appearance. 

Before your tour is submitted for production, please review that your personal agent details are correct, and read & sign the terms and conditions. 

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    • Where are my tour links for social media?

      You can find your virtual tour links for your social media channels in your media kit. Access it by going to the "my listings" tab, selecting "manage listing" next to property you want the links for.  Scroll down to "campaign assets" and click the ...
    • Where do I upload my photos?

      You will be prompted to submit your tour photos when you first submit your listing. Please see the article "How To Set Up A New Tour Listing" for a complete overview on setting up a new tour. To edit and add photos to an existing tour listing, go to ...
    • What do I need to do before adding photos to my tour?

      Please take the time to gather and organize the photos of your property before you upload them to the tour set-up. You may use a minimum of 4 photos and maximum of 36 photos. Our system only accepts JPG and PNG file types. Please make sure that your ...
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      You can edit your tour by going to “my listings” and clicking on the “manage listings” button for the property you want to edit. On the next screen, you select “edit property details” to edit any information about the tour, and “edit photos” to ...
    • When can I expect my tour links?

      Typical turnaround times for your Virtual Tour Link, MLS Tour Link and Youtube Links are 2-3 business days from the date we receive your complete agent set-up.