What do I need to start my virtual tour?

What do I need to start my virtual tour?

Before setting up your tour, please gather all necessary information and photos for your property.

You will need the following to get started.

  • Basic listing details (bed bath, price, etc.)
  • Description for the property
  • Property photos (36 max) 
  • Agent head-shot
  • Image of your company logo,
  • Contact information (name, phone, email, website, company name, and license number)

For the fastest and most accurate turnaround times please make sure all information is accurately filled out on your online set-up before submitting for production to start.

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    • Can I use my own video for my Virtual Tour?

      Yes. Please provide us with either the direct file or a YouTube link. If you have a YouTube link to the video you'd like to us, please email us at helpdesk@luxvtsupport.com. If you have an MP4 or MOV file, you can upload it here: Upload File. Please ...
    • How do I edit my tour?

      You can edit your tour by going to “my listings” and clicking on the “manage listings” button for the property you want to edit. On the next screen, you select “edit property details” to edit any information about the tour, and “edit photos” to ...
    • What do I need to do before adding photos to my tour?

      Please take the time to gather and organize the photos of your property before you upload them to the tour set-up. You may use a minimum of 4 photos and maximum of 36 photos. Our system only accepts JPG and PNG file types. Please make sure that your ...
    • Where are my tour links for social media?

      You can find your virtual tour links for your social media channels in your media kit. Access it by going to the "my listings" tab, selecting "manage listing" next to property you want the links for.  Scroll down to "campaign assets" and click the ...
    • When can I expect my tour links?

      Typical turnaround times for your Virtual Tour Link, MLS Tour Link and Youtube Links are 2-3 business days from the date we receive your complete agent set-up.